Nike introduced a futuristic sneaker with the automatic lacing

Nike has introduced a new model of shoes with automatic lacing in the style of the movie «Back to the future-2». The first winner of technological innovations became the actor who plays...
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The US has ruled out joint with Russia the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS

Soldiers of the Syrian army in HOMS province Photo: Global Look Press Operation in Syria Russian aviation attacked the 54 objects ISIL in Syria 21:23 Russia and the U.S. to coordinate actions for...
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Poklonskaya handed over to the court the evidence against Majlis

The Supreme court of Crimea has started consideration of the

The UN is gearing up to begin resettlement of families of the militants

From the camp of Yarmouk on Saturday will begin to resettle the families of militants of the «Islamic

Zakharova: it up 4 hours to hide the beatings

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova at the

In Japan, cancel the evacuation of the island Kuchinoerabujima

According to the Agency Kyodo, the Japanese government decided to cancel the evacuation of residents of the island

Citizens of Ukraine is facing a life sentence in France

Ten members of the crew of the ship Carib Palm that was carrying Colombian cocaine with a total weight of 2.4 tons,

World news

In Indonesia, a crocodile killed a Russian tourist

The Russians have gone missing while scuba diving on 26 March. In Indonesia, the crocodile has bitten a tourist from Russia, from which he died. The body of 37-year-old man, who allegedly...
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London: Russia is a threat to the world

Moscow ignores generally accepted norms of conduct, the Prime Ministers of Britain. The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Philip Hammond said that Russia’s behavior on the world...
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The FBI refuses to explain how anonymous hacked the Tor network

This information does not help the defence to establish whether the FBI exceeded its authority. The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, despite the court’s decision, refuses...
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The vine vs the Rolling Stones: Coby day

The funniest videos passing day. Topics for the day were Koubou recent criticisms Yuri Loza of Mozart, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, the presentation of the tram Vitali Klitschko,...
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