Naryshkin: sanctions are harmful, but they do not strongly affect the Russian economy

Sanctions to a lesser extent affect the Russian economy, while «gangster actions on the part of Washington and Brussels», said the speaker of the state Duma. More influence on the...
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State Duma to review Russian environmental legislation

Russia in 2017 will be the year of ecology in this regard in the Parliament should conduct a review of the status of environmental legislation, said at the opening session of the state Duma...
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The UN is gearing up to begin resettlement of families of the militants

From the camp of Yarmouk on Saturday will begin to resettle the families of militants of the Islamic

Zakharova: it up 4 hours to hide the beatings

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova at the

In Japan, cancel the evacuation of the island Kuchinoerabujima

According to the Agency Kyodo, the Japanese government decided to cancel the evacuation of residents of the island

Citizens of Ukraine is facing a life sentence in France

Ten members of the crew of the ship Carib Palm that was carrying Colombian cocaine with a total weight of 2.4 tons,

Kiev has not yet provided experts to the radar data

The Ukrainian side still has not provided the experts leading the investigation into the crash of a Malaysian

World news

In China an explosion at a fireworks factory killed eight people

Another nine people were injured. Eight people were killed in an explosion in an abandoned workshop for the production of fireworks in China, reported the state-run Xinhua news Agency. Another...
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In Dublin at the weigh-in of boxers shooting occurred

There are killed and wounded. In the capital of Ireland during the ceremony of weighing before the fight bokserski the shooting occurred. As a result one person was lost, two more got wounds,...
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Iran refused to sell oil for dollars — media

Tehran has switched to the Euro «for political reasons», the source said Reuters. Iran refused dollar at calculations for oil and will be billed in euros on newly signed contracts. It...
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In Vilnius, began the trial about the bloody events of 1991

Victims of the case found about 500 people, the accused — 65. In the Vilnius district court has started hearings on the case of the January events of 1991 in Lithuania, which are accused by...
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