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For businesses wanting a website for the first time why not try our Alphawaves Starter Site, for £750 a year you get:
  • A four page website with "hosting" (where your website is stored) including an online enquiry form.
  • Your own "domain name" eg.
  • Promotion on all the major search engines so your potential customers can find you.
  • Technical, shop and phone support, and four updates a year.

    Alpha Waves web design
    For more information please call us on 01848 331815 or e-mail

Alphawaves began trading in December 1998, when worldwide internet usage was at 140 million. As of September 2001, this figure is now 418 million and rising.

We currently provide a quality, personal service to over 150 businesses across the UK, built on clean, tidy web design and professional customer care.

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For a simple, down-to-earth approach to the internet, let us help you cut through all the jargon. ALPHAWAVES offers:
  • To design a web site for you to a high quality standard.
  • A comprehensive post-design promotional service.
  • Everything explained to you in PLAIN English!
  • Excellent post-design technical support.
  • Public internet access.

Whether you're looking for:
  • A straightforward information web site.
  • A multi-lingual online presence.
  • An e-commerce site to sell your products on the net.
  • Help in getting your existing website found by your customers.
         ALPHAWAVES can help you!

Please feel free to browse around the rest of the site, look at our portfolio and references, see what our shop has to offer, and discover how our clients get their sites found on the internet.

Tel: +44 (0)1292 571460
Fax: +44 (0)1292 571470


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